Mighty Corp's Wong Chu King Foundation feeds the residents of Payatas

On Mighty Corp low-priced products

On Mighty Corp low-priced productsBulacan-based cigarette manufacturer Mighty Corp complied with the new Sin Tax law in which implemented last January this year. The controversies over the allegation of illegal activities that the rival companies, they are spreading malicious lies online and in broadsheet. Mighty Corp stands firm with their utmost service to the Filipino people. Last November 2013, the Wongchuking-owned company increased the price of their products.

If you compare the price of PMFTC products, they are selling it on retail P51-55 per pack, but in some convenient stores, it ranges from 70-80 per pack. MC was known for its low-priced cigarettes. They accused the company on the way they market their products. More people are into quality cigarette and affordable price.

As Mighty controlled 20 percent of the country’s smoking consumers, BIR investigated over illegal practice of the company. According to Kim Jacinto-Henares, head of BIR, “If a company is selling at a loss, it is not our problem because there’s no such a law that prohibits selling at a loss. But it’s not sustainable, and we don’t know how long it can be sustained,”.

The people behind Mighty Corporation denied its allegations. They said that company managed to lower its operational cost as it does not pay royalty to foreign headquarters and has no foreign consultants. They also said that imputing fraud against the company was unfair but highly libelous and damaging. Mighty welcome the initiative of the government to examine its books. The said proposal is to ensure proper compliance of all tobacco industry players with the new Sin Tax Law.

How come PMFTC still dragging Mighty Corporation over the market share? The competitor’s market share is around 70% unlike what Mighty got. They ruled the said industry. And to think that they are hiding the merger between Fortune Tobacco in 2010, they just want to be the top t*bacco manufacturer in the country.

It’s just a competition. But with this intense rivalry with the Lucio Tan-owned company, they just want to win this battle. Mighty Corporation did the best as they can to provide excellence products that millions of Filipino supported for more than six decades.

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