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On AC Nielsen’s inaccurate report and Mighty Corp

On AC Nielsen's inaccurate report and Mighty CorpThe Filipino-owned manufacturer of cigarette, Mighty Corp was under fire over the allegations of committing technical smuggling and tax evasion. With the report done by leading researching firm, AC Nielsen few months ago, it concluded that Mighty Corp did the unlawful act to the government.

It’s an act of misjudgement and trial by publicity that they did to Mighty. Why did the public accept the conclusion made by AC Nielsen? Without substantial evidence made by the rivals and the firm conducted the research, it’s questionable in all aspect of the report. At first, they must do their thorough study about the subject matter.

With the study that the research group did, they want to pin down MC and lack of the scientific merit over economic analysis. If they want to prove that Wongchuking-owned company lied to the government, they must have gathered info about it. They must publish the facts not damaging somebody’s reputation.

Does the merger conglomerate’s way to destroy Mighty Corporation by spreading fictitious lies on a research study? If yourread the study, they put Mighty on trial. On the said report, the data computed called Lowest Cost Assumption that lead to the conclusion that the Bulacan-based company is doing their business at a loss. The company were able to sell 1 peso per stick due to the cost efficiently.

How come they repeatedly said that Mighty Corporation didn’t abide the law? In 2013, the company paid 8 billion pesos in tax. Why did they mudslinging Mighty Corporation and accused tax evasion? I hope the government also check the history of the merger done by PMFTC and their lawsuits by their employees.

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