Mighty Corp's Wong Chu King Foundation feeds the residents of Payatas

BIR Commissioner Kim Henares defended Mighty Corp

BIR Commissioner Kim Henares defended Mighty CorpIn the recent development over the case of Mighty Corp, some of the critics called BIR Commissioner Kim Henares, who is also a CPA-lawyer is unofficial counsel of Mighty Corp. According to her, the rival company PMFTC maybe held liable for libel or slander. Mighty Corporation does have legal counsel, and why does the competitors didn’t stop of spreading lies?

The basis for the threat is that the alleged illicit activities of the company owned and controlled by Cesar and Alex Wongchuking. But the thing is that Commissioner Henares publicly denounce the PMFTC report as bordering on libel or slander. Kudos to the people behind BIR for defending Mighty Corporation over mudslinging tactics of Lucio Tan’s company.

Though her critics must also think of PMFTC’s merger and other controversies hounding the company. Placing the burden of proving PMFTC’s report only heightens the suspicion that Mighty might have a liability. She denounced PMFTC for trying to help the BIR.

Rivals think that Mighty Corporation can sell at a loss and dominate demand amid an excessive excise tax rate. Finance secretary Cesar Purisima talks to his sources and concluded that the BIR and customs should find out whether or not Mighty Corporation is covering the loss by not declaring all of its production to the BIR.

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