Mighty Corp's Wong Chu King Foundation feeds the residents of Payatas

Mighty Corp answered allegations by its rivals

Mighty Corp answered allegations by its rivalsMighty Corp, the Filipino owned manufacturer of cigarette products addressed allegations made by its rival company. Retired judge, Oscar P. Barrientos answered questions about the said company. With the predicament of the competitors, Mighty Corporation considered themselves as one of the leaders in the said industry.

Amidst of the fact that Wongchuking-owned company is small, the people who managed it are all Filipino, unlike the rival company…they have foreign consultants and employees. They are not influential in governance and they can do anything at their own will.

Since 1945, the company produced a lot of products. And they didn’t handle foreign brands, and no royalty fee to remit in a foreign headquarters. As Mighty Corp comply paying the taxes, PMFTC keeps on doing demolition job over Mighty. They did their nationalistic endeavour to serve the Filipinos, in which they makes them competitive among other tabacco companies.

Though the competition is very rigid, as Mighty Corporation incurred the cost of their products, they are satisfied with the profits that they received. With the malicious assertion made by Lucio Tan’s company, like fraud and other issues pointing fingers to Mighty Corp, Barrientos said that the imputing fraud against the company is unfair and libelous.

Meanwhile, the baseless research conducted by AC Nielsen few months ago is very speculative. How in the world selling around 5 pesos per pack of cigarette? They assumed that the company selling cheap cigarettes. In case you didn’t know the opponent also selling low priced t*bacco products and selling it 25-35 pesos per pack.

With the misjudgement and the spreading lies of PMFTC, they must also check their company. They’re hiding the merger to the public. And also, the owner of Fortune known for being a tax evader.

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