Mighty Corporation Celebrates Outstanding Corporation Award

Mighty Corp. will welcome this year’s national management congress with well-deserved Outstanding Corporation Award.

Philcoman Research Institute (PCMRI) will hold this year’s congress in a simple celebration to honor awardees of the Outstanding Corporation of the year Award and the Outstanding Management Leadership Award of the year. In addition, the national congress will also witness the oath-taking of its newest members.

In an interview with the spokesperson of PCMRI, this year’s congress will focus more on saving funds for much greater uses.

“We opted to hold a simple rite so that funds and other resources we can save can be channeled to research and further studies of important issues in politics, economics, sociology and national security.”

The PCMRI is a federation of professional and technological societies, management developments, institutions, academe, business enterprises and professional managers dedicated to the development of management and improvement of its practices.

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