Mighty Corp. Implemented Five CSR Projects in North Luzon

In their recent expansion, Mighty Corp. implements various Corporate Social Responsibility projects designed to uplift the lives of local farmers up north.

Due to the implementation of the Sin Tax Law back in 2012, Mighty expanded and decided to help uplift the livelihood of millions of local tobacco farmers while also helping the local tobacco industry grow.

The company implemented various CSR Projects to aid the local farmers, their children, the environment, and the tobacco industry.

To help the tobacco industry, Mighty Corp. executed these actions as part of the CSR.

  1. Increased tobacco purchase – Mighty Corp. substantially increased their tobacco purchase in order to raise the income of local farmers significantly. This will also help Mighty compete in the tobacco industry on an equal playing field.
  2. Supports the use of organic Pesticides – Mighty claimed that this move will help reduce the reliance of millions of local farmers on the use of chemical-based pesticides. Mighty said that this will not only help the environment, but will also help the farmers increase their income.
  3. Scholarship Grants for the farmers’ children – Honoring their patriarch’s memory, Mighty’s foundation granted scholarships and educational assistance to children of local tobacco farmers.
  4. Provided tobacco dust to Fish Pond owners – Mighty also helped local fish pond owners fight predators that infest their ponds. The company provided them with tobacco dust, a fish pond conditioner, to help decrease the number of predators in their ponds.
  5. Absorbed Low-grade leaves – Mighty also purchased low-grade leaves from local farmers at very good prices. This helped the local farmers increase their income while also assuring them that their crops have a place on the local market.