Mighty Corp. Preserving Historic Churches in the Philippines

They already pledged to aid in the seismic retrofitting of historic churches in Philippines.

In fact they started renovation project for the historic Diocesan Shrine of the Immaculate Conception of Mary, the largest church in all of Cavite,

Alexander Wongchuking, WCKF executive director said:
“We cannot allow this historic church to go into disrepair because it had not only strengthened the Filipino faith but also stands as a mute witness to the martyrdom of the defenders of Philippine freedom and nationhood,” , recalling the church’s role in the fight for Philippine independence from Spanish, American and Japanese conquerors.

As they offered help, the foundation focused on repairing the church’s roof and ceiling. But Mrs. Wongchuking heard of the personal project of Fr. Virgilio Saenz-Mendoza, the parish priest, and the people of Naic to refurbish the outer walls of the church.

WCKF did the same help to San Juan City, The foundation celebrates by giving support to some educational projects and program by funding the Sacred Heart Chapel of the Senior High School Building for Xavier School in San Juan City. I

The Foundation is the social action arm of cigarette manufacturer, Mighty Corporation (MC), for giving top priority to apostolic work and Catholic education in its programs and projects.

 Mighty Corporation supports the programs of Wong Chu King Foundation.