Mighty Corporation Promises a Great Year for Farmers

Local cigarette manufacturer, Mighty Corporation or Mighty Corp is out to save the local tobacco growing industry from projected collapse by buying more tobacco leaves and helping over three million tobacco farmers and their dependents increase their yield in the North Luzon provinces.

Mighty Corp executive vice president Oscar Barrientos said that the company’s share of the domestic market dramatically increased from a minimal 5% in 2012 to 20% in 2013.  This prompted them to increase assistance to millions of tobacco farmers whose lives were dependent on the tobacco industry.

“We have earned our fair share of the market by making quality but affordable cigarettes that were smartly packaged, creatively and ingenuously sold to the mass market. That is the secret of our success in breaking the cigarette monopoly in this country and we’re mighty proud of our modest success coming from a homegrown and Filipino-owned cigarette company,” said Barrientos, who also serves as Mighty Corporation’s spokesperson.

“With a bigger share of Mighty Corp in the market today, we are giving the tobacco farmers a fair share of our success by offering competitive prices to their crops,” added Barrientos.

Over the years, Mighty Corporation had consistently championed the cause of the Filipino tobacco farmers by buying a larger share of the low-grade tobacco leaves at good prices.

“Last year alone, we have bought even the low-priced tobacco leaves. Had Mighty Corp not done that, it would have created a great economic dislocation for tobacco farmers,” said Barrientos.

Barrientos also added that it was not only the tobacco farmers who were benefiting from Mighty Corp’s growth but the whole country as well through the company’s payment of taxes from cigarette sales.

“Our contribution is in the form of taxes, because it helps the development of the country, with taxes. We were paying P300 million before, now we are paying more than P8 billion in excise taxes and that helps the economy. We also employed more factory workers. Now, we have more than 2,000,” Barrientos said.

With bigger contribution, Mighty Corp was also expanding its corporate social responsibility projects to help tobacco cooperatives increase their production.

“As far as CSR is concerned, we will have irrigation pumps in their area and provide mini tractors. This will come in the form of grant. We will have scholarship grants,” he said.  “We have other plans. Aside from scholarship, by next year, we plan to give awards for outstanding farmers, in cooperation with the National Tobacco Administration.”

Mighty Corporation had a long-term plan to further improve its market share and help hundreds of thousands of tobacco leaf growers’ workers.  A 2011 data of the National Tobacco Administration put at about 3 million the number of people employed directly and indirectly in the tobacco industry.  The number also includes their dependents.