Wong Chu King Foundation’s vision of Llife

True to their vision of life and hope, the Wong Chu King Foundation (WCKF) and the Xavier 74 foundation have jointly donated goods and bottled water to the heart of Mary Villa in Katipunan, Quezon City, an institution providing services for healing and growth to women whose pregnancy out of wedlock posed problem for  them while protecting lives of surrendered or abandoned infants and children who are also in need for permanent home. 

Mighty bags Outstanding Corporation Of the Year Award

MIGHTY Corporation was chosen as this year’s outstanding corporation by the Philippine Council of Management Research Institute(PCMRI).

The Filipino-owned company will be receiving the coveted award on Dec. 10,2015 on the occasion of the PCMRI’s 40th National Management Congress to be held in Makati City.

The PMCRI is a federation of professional and technological societies, management developments, institution, academe, business enterprises and professional managers.

A letter sent by the PCMRI through Dr. Pedrito Salvador, the chairman of the five Board of judges, to Mighty president retired Lt. Gen. Edilberto Adan said Mighty was chosen from eight other nominees because of its outstanding achievements in the fields of economics, finance, agriculture, business and industry; E-commerce and IT; strategic management and economy of scales; leadership and governance; adherence to nationalism and anti-monopolism; and social, cultural and religious activities that impacted on the country and society.

The company was awarded for continuously inspiring about 293,000 families and employee, business and trade partners by adhering to its mission, vision and core values.

In 1945, Wong Chu King and his partners Ong Lowa, Baa Dy, and Ong Pay set up La Campana Fabrica de Tabacos Inc., which had it first factory in Tayabas St., Manila. The second factory was built in 1948 in Pasong Tamo, Makati, and in 1951, it acquired the present site of its head office.

In 1963, Wong Chu King founded the tobacco industries of the Philippine (TIP) in a nine hectare property in Barrio Tikay, Malolos, Bulacan which became the site of their manufacturing operation.

The succeeding years became difficult for the company but Wong Chu King, with the help of his family and employees, reestablished the company in 1985 to become what it is today. Mighty Corp. is one of the country’s largest taxpayers and known for its strong sense of ethics.

Mighty Corp Supports the Recent Implementation of New Tax System

Despite the recent filings of cases them by the BIR, renowned local cigarette manufacturer Mighty Corp. shows their full support for the actions the Duterte Administration is taking towards the implementation of a new tax system.

According to Mighty Corp. President, Edilberto P. Adan, Mighty has always been supportive of the government’s efforts to promote public health and raise revenues for their programs.

“Mighty Corp. has always been fully supportive of the government’s efforts to raise revenues from tobacco products, promote health, and support local farmers,” said Adan.

“We only wish to point out that House Bill 4144 is the most advantageous measure for the government because it is expected to optimize revenue generation, address the concerns of health advocates, and provide local tobacco farmers with a steady stream of livelihood opportunities,” Adan said.

HB 4144 promotes a two-tier system in place of a unitary tax rate. This helps local brand spread their reach towards the masses as they will have a significantly lower cost than premium brands.

Moreover, higher tax rates from premium brands will help the government collect more revenues to fund their projects.

“The two-tier tax system will benefit the government in terms of revenues. Not only will it benefit local farmers, it will also continue to help the economy,” Adan said.

The implementation of this new tax system will help decrease the overall use of tobacco, therefore improving the overall health of the country, while also promoting local brands.

Also, it spells great success for the Duterte administration as they will have more funds to fund their projects and programs.

“We believe that HB 4144 will be a boost to the Duterte administation’s tax reform program,” said Adan.

Mighty Corp.’s tax evasion cases could be due to business rivalry – Lawyer

MANILA — Mighty Corporation owner Alexander Wongchuking submitted Thursday his counter affidavit to the Department of Justice (DOJ).

This was a response to the second tax evasion complaint against his company in relation to the alleged tax liabilities amounting to almost P27-billion.

The complaint was filed by the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) after the discovery of fake tax stamps on Mighty Cigarettes inside the company’s warehouse in San Ildefonso, Bulacan last March.

But a lawyer for the company says, the search was illegal.

“There was no legal justification for it. The evidence that was obtained was questionable,” Mighty Corporation lawyer Atty. Abraham Espejo said.

He added that they are ready to face the complaints and prove they are innocent of the charges.

They also doubt the motive behind the filing of the cases.

“It’s hard to speak but this could be due to business rivalry,” Espejo said.

The BIR refused to say anything about the matter.

Mighty Corporation is facing three tax complaints arising from separate raids of its warehouses in San Simon, Pampanga, San Ildefonso, Bulacan and General Santos City. – Roderic Mendoza | UNTV News and Rescue

Source: https://www.untvweb.com/news/mighty-corp-s-tax-evasion-cases-due-business-rivalry-lawyer/

Mighty Corporation pleads innocence before Doj on tax evasion case

A LAWYER of embattled local cigarette firm Mighty Corp. maintained his clients’ innocence in the P26.93-billion tax-evasion complaint before state prosecutors on Thursday.

The Department of Justice (DoJ) yesterday held its first preliminary investigation on the second of three tax evasion raps filed by the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) against Mighty Corp.

Members of the media were barred from covering the hearing, but Abraham Espejo, representing Mighty Corp., told reporters outside the hearing: “They have not committed any crime that they are being pilloried. Give us a chance to be heard. That’s my request.”

“I assure you that my clients will be able to prove that all of these accusations are not true,” Mr. Espejo added.

Mr. Espejo represents the four respondents in the case, namely: Mighty Corp. President Edilberto P. Adan, Executive Vice-President Oscar P. Barrientos, Vice-President for External Affairs and Assistant Corporate Secretary Alexander D. Wongchuking, and Treasurer Ernesto A. Victa.

The lawyer said that their camp filed a counter-affidavit with annexes reaching to “thousand” of pages. “Kaya kami nagfa-file ng (That is why we are filing the) counter-affidavit, we want due process. We do not want kangaroo-style proceedings here. I reiterate, we will fight,” Mr. Espejo also said.

Asked how he thinks the case is proceeding, he replied that the case is “doubtful, questionable, as a student of constitutional law, you will know the effect if evidence is obtained illegally, it’s inadmissible. Not only is the evidence inadmissible, it’s also questionable.”

He added that the case “could be due to business rivalry,” but did not elaborate.

The BIR first filed the tax evasion case worth P9.56 billion against Mighty Corp. on March 22. The BIR, in a statement released upon filing, said: “[t]he respondent corporation was the subject of an on-the-spot surveillance operation of untaxed cigarette products conducted [last March 1]… in San Simon Industrial Park (SSIP), San Isidro, Pampanga” and that random checks on 10 master cases of cigarettes in four warehouses in the economic zone leased by Mighty showed that internal revenue stamps affixed on the cigarette packs “were fake.”

Subsequent inventory of all cigarette packs in the warehouses concerned showed that Mighty stored there 66,281 master cases with 33,140,500 cigarette packs.

“The investigation further showed that 87.5% of the said packs bore fake internal revenue stamps,” the BIR said.

“The stamps are fake since they did not contain one of the multi-layered security features of a valid internal revenue stamp,” the BIR added.

The said case was deemed submitted for resolution last May 30.

Mighty Corp. is also facing a third complaint from the BIR, worth P1.39 billion. The three complaints bring the total alleged tax liabilities of Mighty Corp. to P37.88 billion — the largest tax evasion case so far under the administration of President Rodrigo R. Duterte.

The case is handled by a three-man panel of state prosecutors led by Senior Assistant State Prosecutor Sebastian Caponong, Jr. The other members are Assistant State Prosecutors Ma. Lourdes Uy and Mary Ann Parong. — Kristine Joy V. Patag


Mighty Corp execs seek junking of tax evasion case

Officials of Mighty Corp. facing P9.56-billion tax evasion charges have sought the dismissal of the case filed against them by the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) at the Department of Justice (DoJ).

Their plea is contained in a 106-page counter-affidavit submitted before the DoJ.


Mighty’s executive vice president, retired judge Oscar Barrientos, vice president for external affairs and assistant corporate secretary, Alexander Wongchuking, and treasurer, Ernesto Victa, said there is no probable cause for charges of tax evasion to be filed against them.

“No probable cause exists to indict us for violations of NIRC (National Internal Revenue Code). Assuming there is probable cause for our indictment (which is denied), no grounds exist or allegations made to hold us criminally liable as corporate officers under Section 253 of the NIRC for acts which are yet to be verified and confirmed after appropriate inspection has been completed,” they maintained.

The case stemmed from the alleged failure of Mighty Corp. to pay excise taxes as supposedly discovered by the BIR and Bureau of Customs (BoC) in raids conducted on Mighty’s four warehouses in Pampanga in March.

In its complaint, the BIR accused Mighty of using fake tax stamps in its cigarette packs.

The respondents also asserted that there is no basis for the allegations of the BIR that 87.5 percent of the more than 33 million cigarette packs bore fake tax stamps because only 1 percent of the total master boxes in their warehouses in San Simon, Pampanga was inspected.

“So, any extrapolation made on the character and valuation of those goods violate Supreme Court’s 2016 decision in Pacquiao vs CTA and related cases where factual allegations regarding tax assessments must be presented on existing verifiable facts, not speculation,” the Mighty officials said.

They also lamented the alleged lack or prior tax assessment for supposed tax deficiency before the charges were filed by the BIR.

The Mighty officials argued that “the stamp verification process using Mobile Verification Devices under Revenue Regulation No. (RR) 7-2014 and Revenue Memorandum Order No. (RMO) 33-2016 are either incomplete or unreliable and therefore, void for purposes of their use as evidence in any proceedings.”

They added that since the alleged smuggled or counterfeit cigarette were already seized and detained by the BOC, the body or object of the alleged crime does not exist.


Source: http://www.manilatimes.net/mighty-execs-seek-junking-tax-evasion-raps/333577/