Mighty Corp answered allegations by its rivals

Mighty Corp answered allegations by its rivalsMighty Corp, the Filipino owned manufacturer of cigarette products addressed allegations made by its rival company. Retired judge, Oscar P. Barrientos answered questions about the said company. With the predicament of the competitors, Mighty Corporation considered themselves as one of the leaders in the said industry. Continue reading Mighty Corp answered allegations by its rivals

BIR Commissioner Kim Henares defended Mighty Corp

BIR Commissioner Kim Henares defended Mighty CorpIn the recent development over the case of Mighty Corp, some of the critics called BIR Commissioner Kim Henares, who is also a CPA-lawyer is unofficial counsel of Mighty Corp. According to her, the rival company PMFTC maybe held liable for libel or slander. Mighty Corporation does have legal counsel, and why does the competitors didn’t stop of spreading lies? Continue reading BIR Commissioner Kim Henares defended Mighty Corp

On AC Nielsen’s inaccurate report and Mighty Corp

On AC Nielsen's inaccurate report and Mighty CorpThe Filipino-owned manufacturer of cigarette, Mighty Corp was under fire over the allegations of committing technical smuggling and tax evasion. With the report done by leading researching firm, AC Nielsen few months ago, it concluded that Mighty Corp did the unlawful act to the government. Continue reading On AC Nielsen’s inaccurate report and Mighty Corp

On Mighty Corp low-priced products

On Mighty Corp low-priced productsBulacan-based cigarette manufacturer Mighty Corp complied with the new Sin Tax law in which implemented last January this year. The controversies over the allegation of illegal activities that the rival companies, they are spreading malicious lies online and in broadsheet. Mighty Corp stands firm with their utmost service to the Filipino people. Last November 2013, the Wongchuking-owned company increased the price of their products. Continue reading On Mighty Corp low-priced products

Mighty Corp’s Wong Chu King Foundation restored historical churches

Mighty Corp's Wong Chu King Foundation restored historical churchesWith the helping hand of the founder of Mighty Corp, Wong Chu King Foundation, they supported the seismic retrofitting of historical churches in the country. Some of the sacred churches were damaged during the killer earthquake in Bohol and Cebu last year. If you may recall that there are at least more than 10 United Nation Heritage Sites were pulverized by the killer quake. And some of them were were built during the 1800’s.

Our Catholic Church in our country are very supportive over the Wong Chu King Foundation, they already aided some of the great churches in the country. Some of their projects that they’ve done are renovation of the roofs and ceilings of Diocesan Shrine of Immaculate Conception Church in Naic, Cavite and the reconstruction of the Basilica Minore of Our Lady of Piat Church in Tuguegarao City, Cagayan. It was made possible by Mighty Corp’s founder and Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Mrs. Nelia Wongchuking.

According to Most Rev. Ricardo Baccay, Auxiliary Bishop of Tuguegarao City, he said that  the foundation’s move to help build the churches and“a step in the right direction.” “My diocese, like all dioceses, have serious concerns. If WCK is out to help, retrofitting historic churches is one of the best forms of help it can give,” Baccay added.

Meanwhile, WCKF General Manager James Vincent Navarette said that “Churches are also symbols of strength and hope for Filipinos. To see a church survive earthquakes and other calamities can easily uplift the spirits of our people,” “The devastation brought about by the recent Visayas earthquake has firmed up our advocacy to build more churches and strengthen the Filipino faith,” he added

“However, we also understand that this is not enough. We have to make sure that the design and structure of these buildings, particularly the old and existing ones, are safe and resistant to calamities such as earthquakes.”Navarette said. The WCKF foundation has been renovating churches since 2009. In 2013, they donated P300,000 for textbooks and other library materials of Lyceum de Amulung in Cagayan North, Tuguegarao City.

The said procedure, seismic retrofitting means the process of remodeling structures to make them more resistant to damage brought about by earthquakes and other seismic activities. It aims to design, build, and maintain structures to comply with building codes and withstand seismic effects while sustaining an acceptable level of damage.


Mighty Corporation supports the programs of Wong Chu King Foundation